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How to configure Server Core as Domain Controller

UNOFFICIAL Add-WindowsFeature AD-Domain-Services Import-Module ADDSDeployment Install-ADDSForest ` -CreateDnsDelegation:$false ` -DatabasePath “C:\Windows\NTDS” ` -DomainMode “Win2012” ` -DomainName “” ` -DomainNetbiosName “CHALMERS” ` -ForestMode “Win2012” ` -InstallDns:$true ` -LogPath “C:\Windows\NTDS” ` -NoRebootOnCompletion:$false ` -SysvolPath “C:\Windows\SYSVOL” ` -Force:$trye

How to install a DNS Server on Server Core

UNOFFICIAL [draft] Install-windowsfeature DNS Add-DnsServerPrimaryZone -Name “DMZ.ServerCore.Net” -ZoneFile “” dnscmd.exe localhost /ZoneAdd /Primary /file

How to install a DHCP Server on Server Core

UNCLASSIFIED [draft] Install-WindowsFeature DHCP –IncludeManagementTools Add-DhcpServerv4Scope -Name “Internal” -StartRange -EndRange -SubnetMask -Description “Internal Network” Set-DhcpServerv4OptionValue -ScopeID “Internal ” -DNSServer -DNSDomain -Router Add-DhcpServerInDC -DNSName Source :

How to add workgroup servers to Server 2012 Server Manager

Adding domain servers to the Windows Server 2012 Server manager is easy, however if your servers are all part of a workgroup, you need to do extra work. On the management host, run the powershell command. Set-Item wsman:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts Server01 -Concatenate -Force Then run, New-ItemProperty -Name LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy -path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System -propertyType DWord -value 1 Then add the… Read More »